Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Eat For A Week, Episode 4: Hearty Potato Salad

I'm on an insanely tight budget this week, so I thought I'd go with a hearty potato salad. My grocery bill for this one? Just over $8.00. (I bought potatoes, sausages, and onions.)


5 lbs russet potatoes, washed *
4-5 sweet Italian sausages **
2 chicken thighs ***
2 onions, chopped
4 cloves garlic, chopped
salt (about 4 Tbsp)
1-2 Cups Miracle Whip ****
1/2 Cup Yellow Mustard
2 Tbsp Hot Dijon Mustard (optional)


1 huge pot
1 skillet


Place washed potatoes in large pot. (I leave the skins on.) Cover with water, and add a couple hand-fulls of salt. Place over high heat and let come to a boil. You'll know they're done when a sharp knife pierces them easily. Remove from water and set aside to cool until you can handle them.

I do this next part while the potatoes are boiling. Prick sausage casings with a fork, then cook in skillet over medium-low to medium heat until cooked through. There's no need to add any oil, they'll provide their own fat. When sausages are done, remove from the pan and allow to cool. Add onions and garlic (salt and pepper to taste). After the onions and garlic have become translucent, salt and pepper the chicken and add it to the skillet. When chicken is fully cooked, remove it from the skillet and allow to cool.

Once all ingredients have cooled, chop the potatoes and sausages into 1-2" pieces and place in a large bowl. (Don't worry about cutting the taters too small as they'll break down a bit as you mix things up.) Shred the chicken and add it to the bowl as well. If you didn't get distracted and burn the onions and garlic, go ahead and throw them in too. Add mustard(s) and about a cup of the Miracle Whip and mix well. If it looks too dry, add more Miracle Whip until it reaches desired consistency. Taste for seasoning, add salt and pepper if needed.

This recipe tastes fine at room temperature, but it only gets better as it sits in the fridge and the flavours develop.

Music for this episode is the track "Indigo" from The Hybiscus Journals' second record, "Chakra Pop".

* It may be cheaper to buy pre-bagged potatoes. For example, I could have purchased 5 lbs of loose taters for about $4, but was able to get a 10 lb bag for the same price.
** If you're sensitive to MSG, be sure to read the label on the sausage you purchase. Many processed meat products - like sausage - often have MSG added as both a preservative and a flavoring. Also, if you prefer a spicy sausage, that's fine, go wild. Also, also, you could use turkey or chicken sausage if you don't do pork.
*** I usually make this with boneless chicken breasts, but I had the thighs that needed to be cooked, so that's what I used. I also don't typically use sausage, but it was on sale and sounded like a good idea.
**** I use Miracle Whip because I prefer it to mayonaise. If you prefer mayo, feel free to use that.


Kali said...

yum! I am sorry I didn't get to come and have you cook for me tonight!! You know how things have been! Next time okay?! Keep the awesomeness coming!

thorn said...

No worries, Kali! I know things have been nuts. As it is, I cooked WAY too much tonight, so I'll be needing to share some of it anyway.

consumatron said...

I am loving this man! Now I don't feel so bad about going to the grocery store with such an empty wallet.

Keep it up!

thorn said...

Thanks, man! Hope you're finding it helpful!

Ep 5 is on the way... just have to capture the video then edit it. (Wheee.)