Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome to Eat For A Week!

Thanks for checking this out. So, what is this thing anyway? I created this blog in order to share the recipes that I've come up with (and that I hope to continue creating) for the single person living on a tight budget.

What does that mean for you? Basically, you'll be able to spend as little money as possible to cook a great meal once, then eat from that meal for several days. If you're not single, does this mean that this stuff doesn't apply to you? Of course not, but just know that if you're cooking for more than one person, the left-overs won't be around as long as if it was just you. I'm currently working on the first installment - a fantastic (at least, I think so) turkey stew.

I guess I should probably list the absolute basics for equipment that you should own and ingredients you should have on hand in order to pull most of these recipes off. (The nice thing about the ingredients is that once you have them, they'll last for a while.)

- a large stock pot (at least 8 quarts)
- a sauce pan (two can be helpful)
- a skillet
- a baking dish
- a couple of good spoons (one slotted, one not)
- a spatula
- a huge bowl to store leftovers

- salt
- pepper
- bay leaves
- all purpose flour

Thanks again, and I look forward to really getting this thing rolling!


Kenneth said...

This blog sounds like it might come in handy while I'm at college.

thorn said...

I hope it does! I got the first installment taped last night. Haven't had a chance to dump it to my hard drive and edit it for posting yet, though I hope to have that done by the end of the week. Thanks for stopping by!